What game would you like to see down-ported onto the Genesis/MD?

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  1. StarMist
    Pretend somebody who could print these out as bona fide carts, with boxes and everything, got the rights to a post-Genesis game and chose to scale it down to play on our old Megadrives. Which would it be?
    Mine = Wip3out, original.

    Thanks for throwing in.
  2. Nobi
    Nazi Zombies. It wouldn't have to be a FPS, the concept would work well in an overhead 2d view. Maybe with some Zero Tolerance System link cable multiplayer
  3. QuickSciFi
    Futurama (from the Xbox)
  4. St Louie Bee
    St Louie Bee
    Resident Evil with some side scrolling and some light gun levels
  5. QuickSciFi
    I fixed the title there for ya.
  6. Zebbe
    Hmmm, tough question. I've always wanted some tetralogies and trilogies to be complete on the system. So a Thunder Force remake would be cool.
  7. Loggo
    Symphony of the Night, Alundra, Super Meat Boy, Pac Man CE DX.
  8. StarMist
    Just thought of another, Abe's Oddysee, which already plays like a Flashback variant. And it'd spare us the loading/screen-changing liabilities of the PSX.
  9. oldskool
    Angry Birds. And have it use the Mega Mouse.
  10. SpaceFlea
    Shenmue - I want to see it...
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