Which Sega CD console do you own?

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  1. Guntz
    If it plays Sega CD games (and isn't your computer), post it in this thread.

    I own a Sega CD Model 2. Yep, as plain as can get, but I love it anyways.
  2. villahed94
    Mine is a fuckin awesome Model 1 Sega CD. EXTREMELY RARE on Mexico. Only 3 have shown in the last 3 years on the Internet. And I own one of them!
  3. green.eyes
    Mine are Multi-Mega, CDX, model 1 Mega CD and model 2 Sega CD
  4. Sly Wolf
    Sly Wolf
    I used to owned model 1 sega CD, but it won't read disc so I got a model 2 sega CD instead.
  5. Kogen
    Model 2 with Genesis Model 1 extension bar. I like em' long.
  6. eddiespruce
    I own a model 1 Sega CD. It works so far, and looks great underneath my HDG Model 1 Genesis.
  7. xelement5x
    I've got a Model 1 stacker, Model 2 side-by-side, CDX, and the beastly LaserActive with Sega PAC S10.
    Most hardware variants are just because they look cool, but for everyday gaming I use Model 2 SegaCD with a Model 1 VA6 Genesis that's got a black mushroom stuck in it.
  8. QuickSciFi
    Model 2
  9. j_factor
    I have a model 2, a CDX, and an X'Eye.
  10. Moirai
    Model 1!
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