What 32X game are you on the hunt for at the moment?

  1. Guntz
    Like most collectors of obscure systems, we aren't satisfied until we own every last speck of dust even related to the particular console we love. In this thread, it's about games. There's roughly 40 32X and CD32X games available worldwide. Which of those 40 are you trying to find now?

    Me, I'm actually not looking for any 32X games. Last one I bought was quite some time ago. Problem is I've got all the cheap ones already. The only ones left are the expensive variety, like Knuckles, Kolibri, Pitfall, WSB and T-MEK.
  2. villahed94
    IŽd like to get Space Harrier 32X and maybe Kolibri.
  3. xelement5x
    I'm looking for Pitfall and World Series Baseball as well, those are really the last couple I need to complete my collection.
  4. QuickSciFi
    Most wanted:

    Space Harrier
    Spider-Man: Web of Fire
    Virtua Fighter
    Virtua Racing Deluxe
    After Burner
    BC Racers
    Mortal Kombat II
    Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
    Primal Rage
    Star Wars Arcade
    Star Trek: Star Fleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator
    Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000
  5. green.eyes
    Since I've only just got a 32X the one's that can be gotten cheap!
  6. profholt82
    To complete the cart collection, I still need:
    Amazing Spider-Man
    BC Racers
    RBI Baseball
    WWF Arcade

    Obviously, with the exception of Spider-Man, I've only got a few commons left. I've just sort of lost my ambition on this set as of late. I still keep my eyes open in the wild though. I just don't have the desire to get them all on ebay right now. There are other things I'd rather buy.
  7. The Jackal
    The Jackal
    Mortal Kombat II, but I may have to import it, no way am I paying stupid Ebay prices for the PAL version.
  8. sheath
    I recently picked up Scottie Pipen Slam City for 32X CD, Toughman Contest, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, and Star Trek Star Fleet Academy. These bring my total collection to 26. I am thinking of picking up some Quarterback Clubs in box to "complete" my Tempo with Manual and Blackthorne loose cart. I have both in old universal boxes with custom inserts that have gotten cruddier looking over the years.
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