How many Sega/Mega CD games do you have?

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  1. green.eyes
    I have 49 altogether 16 US & 33 pal! 48 are complete (monkey island is missing the box)
    Now up to 51
    (edit got a few more games)
  2. Guntz
    I have probably 10 or 15 games, but I downsized the collection recently. Might pick up some games if I ever see em.
  3. Sly Wolf
    Sly Wolf
    20 sega CD games.
  4. Kogen
    0. I am a no-good thief.
  5. QuickSciFi
    29... 30 if you count Corpse Killer for the Sega CD/32X.
  6. SpaceFlea
    I have a full US set and more than half of a JP set.
  7. j_factor
    My collection currently stands at 59, including one 32x CD game (Night Trap).
  8. The Jackal
    The Jackal
    About 12, most are PAL, but a select few are American.
  9. villahed94
    About 16. All American...
  10. Creek Indian
    Creek Indian
    My collection is a work in progress.

    11 games complete. 12 if you count Corpse Killer CD/32x. [+Sega CD Backup Ram Cart not in original box - Aftermarket clamshell case]
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