When did you acquire your first Genesis/MD?

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  1. TmEE
    ~1999, saved one from going to a dumpster, cost me ~2usd. No cables or controllers or games
  2. St Louie Bee
    St Louie Bee
    Got one from the first run in '89. A (somewhat spoiled) relative got one, got bored with it, and gave it to me. Came with Altered Beast.
  3. Sega Genesis
    Got my first one August 21, 1989. People I knew were very envious.
  4. zetastrike
    I got it around the middle of August 09 before I started college. I'd wanted one since I was a little kid. I got my Sega CD in May of 2010.
  5. Guntz
    I got a Model 2 Genesis in... Hmm, probably '06 or '07. Yeah, extremely late to the party as far as original hardware goes.
  6. Zebbe
    I think it was Yule '94.
  7. oldskool
    Christmas of 89'. Was the release year of the Genesis. I was very excited, I got the Genesis with Altered Beast and Truxton, and a 19" inch TV to play it on! Best Christmas ever!

    A year later (maybe two?) I got the Sega CD Model 1 for Christmas. That was a very good Christmas too.
  8. cyb
    11th birthday in 93 even back then I wished it was a model 1 lol...
    hello all,

    I am novice here, I am still also fans of SEGA Mega Drive - Genesis 16-Bits games, my dad bought me this console in 1988 when his first Japan tour of duty with BATMAN & Fist of North Star as my first SEGA games, thanx, Maxi Trooy
  10. SegaMan89
    For my birthday in 1997 I got a M2 VA0 complete in box with Sonic 2. Still have it after all these years
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