When did you acquire your first Genesis/MD?

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  1. QuickSciFi
    For me: 'Twas the fall of 1994 (Nov 17th, to be exact). I bought it with my birthday money ($119 MSRP). What a glorious day that was.
  2. Nobi
    Christmas '93. Model 2 with Sonic 2 pack in.
  3. Nunzio
    1997. They were practically giving them away!
  4. SpaceFlea
    Christmas '92 - third grade. I remember my teacher that year asking me what I got for Christmas, and it took me about 5 minutes to explain to him what a "Genesis" was in front of the entire class.
  5. Cornholio857
    Early 1991 for me.
  6. StarMist
    Round 93, though my gaming experience lagged well behind my NES gaming for several years, and I was mostly an arcader. Bio Hazard was about the only really 16-bit game I saw early on, excepting PS2 (a reason I didn't exactly need more G games), with the exception of a few bloodletters like MK and Splatterhouse. Games such as Golden Axe I felt and still do could have been made equally well on the NES. But then that's also how I feel towards 90% of the SNES catalogue. And god did I suck at games back then. A model 1! I hate coaxials.
  7. Iron Lizard
    Iron Lizard
    May 1990. I didn't get another game for months. That was painful.
  8. InternalPrimate
    I got mine on Christmas in... 1990? 1991? I'm not really sure anymore! But it was a magical Christmas. My parents were divorced, and it was at my dad's house in Northern California. I've since bought my own set for San Diego use.
  9. Flygon
    My parents snagged one when I was around 2 years old during 1994ish.

    Launch Base Zone being on the Mega Drive's box just kept teasing me about it... because Sonic was there. Stupid barrel of doom.
  10. The Jackal
    The Jackal
    Xmas 93; model 2 packed with Sonic 2. Before that used to rent a model 1 and Gunstar Heroes and Sonic 1 from the local video shop. Currently I have 2 model 1s and one model 2, just need a HD model 1 I'll be very happy.
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