When did you acquire your first Genesis/MD?

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  1. green.eyes
    A Multi-mega for my birthday 96
  2. JFLY
    At J&R Music World in NYC on August 15, 1989 while visiting some family friends. I remember bringing it home to Maryland and the NES fanboys in my neighborhood just gushing over how awesome Altered Beast looked and sounded.
  3. Cucollins12
    o my goood!! xmas 96? model two with sonic 1,2 and ms pac. oh! and lion king!
  4. Golpezas
    That was first days of 1993. I had to save money the whole '92. And when I say money I mean ALL money just for buying my first MD.
  5. GameMaster600
    Early 2010. I got one AFTER I got a Saturn. Yeah, that's pretty recent but I wasn't alive yet when it released. The game that I first played my Genesis was GhoulsNGhosts, I love a challenge!
  6. Kogen
    Christmas, 1993, model 2, Sonic 2 and extra controller bundle.

    I had been playing a model 1 prior. I wanted one after playing Sonic 1 and Ecco the Dolphin.
  7. VGTM
    Actually, I got mine AFTER the discontinuation. I got it at a store called EZ Electronics (really cool, nice people. i reccomend it myself.) And i got a model 2 for about $45, with 2 controllers, tv cable, power supply, and 2 games of my choice (vectorman and pac-attack) all FREE! I never let it go since then.
  8. eddiespruce
    Christmas 1994, Model 2 with Sonic 2 bundle. I can still remember that day, as it was one of the best days of my life!
  9. Cucollins12
    holydays of 1996... those were the days!!
  10. Hidden_Darkness
    I got mine for christmas in 1991, it was the genesis model 1 sonic the hedgehog bundle. still have it complete with the box too
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