Whatīs the next thing you want to do to your Genesis/MD?

  1. villahed94
    Well, although my VA2 sounds pretty good, Iīm planning to replace the old CXA1034 by the AN7108. A much better chip indeed. Also I want to CXA2075 mod it.
  2. cheaterdragon1
    I too am modding a VA2. I've always wanted to add both a Jap/Eng and 50/60hz switch on it. The only hard part is acctually finding the parts.
  3. ApolloBoy
    I'm in the process of recapping my Japanese VA1 Mega Drive. I replaced most of them yesterday and now I need to get some more caps before I can finish the whole thing. Both the video and audio quality went up so I expect even better results when the whole system is recapped.
  4. villahed94
    I'm currently cxa2075 modding my VA2 Genesis 1. Just have to tweak RGB a bit and I'll be ready to go.
  5. douglie007
    I want to make my Genesis power both 32x and CD.. dont know where to start.
  6. db Electronics
    db Electronics
    With respect to powering the add-ons directly from the Genesis...

    The expansion port of the Genesis has two pins which are the +9V rail. On the Sega CD Model 1, these go nowhere:
    Sega CD model 1 schematics, go to page 5 for the expansion port:

    On the Sega CD Model 2, the +9V rail is used to turn ON a transistor (Q301, through Q302 driving its base) to enable the Sega CD's internal voltage regulator.
    Sega CD model 2 schematics, go to page 2 for the voltage regulator circuit:

    I'm thinking, if you used a reasonable sized 9V AC Adapter on the Genesis side, made sure you were respecting current ratings in the Genesis side (not sure if there's a fuse), you could in theory use the +9V on the expansion port to also power the Sega CD.
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