Best PS1 peripherals

  1. Barone
    Talk about your beloved pieces of extra hardware.
  2. The Jackal
    The Jackal
    Just got a Dual Shock 1 pop through the door this morning; for some reason, it's much better than the PS2 version. Very responsive and great to hold.
  3. tz101
    I really love the racing wheel/pedal sets, especially with Ridge Racer and Grand Turismo. It is a far better experience than the standard PSX or dual shock controller. The only gripe I have with more than one racing wheel controller I found is that it did not work on my PS2 for some unknown reason. In inspecting these, I looked into the controller plug and noticed that the second pin from the right was gone. I have noticed this on some PSX hand controllers as well, yet all PS2 controllers seem to have all 9 pins in their connectors. Just an observation.
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