What systems do you collect, then?

  1. The Jackal
    The Jackal
    Me; all of 'em. ROMs, that is. Haven't got around to a proper Ninty collection yet; too much other stuff to buy.
  2. green.eyes
    I have Nes with about 30 games, Snes with 86. Can't stand the N64 (didn't like it new, still don't like it now).
    Also have a small gameboy and gameboy colour collection.
  3. The Jackal
    The Jackal
    I forget to mention I do have a Game Boy Classic and GBA, with a small, small collection for both. Also got a Wii a few months back if that counts. EDIT: And I have a GameCube! With about 10 games! Man, why do I always forget that...
  4. tz101

    Oh, Nintendo related. NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, SNES, N64, Gamecube.

    300+NES games
    150+SNES games
    100+N64 games
    40+Gamecube games
    20+Gameboy games
  5. QuickSciFi
    Game Boy
    Game Boy Color
    Game Boy Advance

    I don't have that many Nintendo games, though. I think I have about 150 Nintendo games overall.
  6. SpaceFlea
    Everything, though I don't care too much for the handhelds.
  7. Hidden_Darkness
    if were only talking about nintendo then almost everything from nes up until the wii.
  8. MrMatthews
    I mainly collect for the original Game Boy (have about 80% of the games now)

    2nd is the NES (not going for a complete collection, just going for the good & rare/valuable games)

    Tied for the 3rd is the SNES & DS. I'll pretty much pick up any DS game as long as it's cheap & not a terrible licensed game. With the SNES I'm a bit more particular.

    Then the GameCube. I'm not nuts about it or anything, just the games I REALLY want or the REALLY rare ones.

    Then the fucking N64. I hate this thing, and yet I'm always finding the valuable games for cheap. Irks the hell out of me, yet not enough to get rid of it.
  9. Robotwo
    As with many others I mainly collect for the NES at large.
    Have around 150+ games for the NES but not going for a complete collection.
    But rather just the games I find have the most interesting gameplay elements.
    So mostly Platformers and Action games.

    I also collect a bit for the gameboy. Have about 10 or so DMGs (all the Play it Loud color variations), 2 GBCs, 2 GBPs and one GB Light.
    I have about 90+ carts for the gameboy, but nothing really rare or overly interesting (no Trip World here).

    I do however have a fascination with pirate GB carts and have around 30 or so of them.
    Amongst them I have most noticeably a copy of Sonic 3D Blast 5.

    But I do also collect for SNES (although not at a scale comparable to NES or GB).
    For SNES the most interesting games I have atm is MMX1-X3, Super Metroid, Super Probotector and Vortex.
  10. Bloodreign
    Wii, a couple actual physical discs, but a lot of VC stuff mainly gotten to how rare some of the carts for whatever system's game you downloaded for is too expensive to buy a physical copy.

    Gameboy - over 110 GB/GBC/GBA games witha burning desire for more.

    Super NES- about 130 or so games with no desire to get everything, only what I deem good for myself. Even have a few SFC carts for stuff I like that didn't come out here other than Puzzle Bobble.

    NES - 316 games strong, same desire as SNES, only what I want, none of the bad stuff that came along (I have bought the occasional clunker). Like SNES, I also have some Famicom games, and each year at tax time I try to buy 1-2 FC carts.

    DS- not many games, I am really really picky for this handheld.
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