This group is dead

  1. tz101
    ...as in no interesting discussions about NFL football...

    Lack of new threads. What gives?
  2. Nobi
    Oh man, I missed this. I was starting to think I was the only one who could post threads.
  3. Nobi
    I can't believe what happened to the Texans this year. If they can stay healthy next year, they will be a legit Super Bowl threat. I'm still pulling for them to win one this year. I think they can do it.

    As for the Skins, Shanahan needs to GTFO! ASAP! Take his sorry, no good ass down the road. He screwed us for the long term. The sooner he goes the better. I've been a lifelong Skins fan, and I know we have a bad track record with head coaches, but I do not like Shanahan. He needs to go.
  4. tz101
    I am beginning to think Snyder with the Redskins is much like Bidwill with the Cardinals, clueless. Not a big Redskins fan, but man, they need a coach like Gibbs again.
  5. Da_Shocker
    It's like a ghost town in here.
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