Why does N64 get no love?

  1. tz101
    You have all seen the haters dissing the "horrible" controllers and "blurry" graphics. Is it that Playstation had them all blinded during the mid to late 90's?
  2. VGTM
    Dude N64 totally kicked the PS1's 32-bit ass IMO
  3. QuickSciFi
    I don't mind the controllers. But I do have a thing or two to say about the blurring. Regardless, though, I'm learning everyday to appreciate the N64, if at least for the fact that it was the last true cartridge-based console (as even the handheld libraries that came after that weren't actual carts, but cards).
  4. The Jackal
    The Jackal
    @tz101: The N64 controller is terrible because of the analog stick placement, it's near unusable if you're not used to it. For that reason, I don't like it.

    @VGTM: No, controller, games, console and even sales-wise, the PS1 kicked it's ass. The N64 was good, I'm not a Sony fanboy (dear God no), but lets not the facts here.
  5. MrMatthews
    I just find everything about the system obnoxious (except for the controllers, which IMO are quite nice). The games, as was the norm for that particular era, were ugly and clunky. It was also the first Nintendo console to have a library choked with licensed games, which symbolically cements it in my mind as the first Nintendo console aimed at a demographic much younger than myself.

    And this new fanbase is THE most annoying thing about the system. Whenever people complain about Nintendo "fanboys," it's the punks who cut their teeth on the N64.
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