just got contra hard corps

  1. ranCORE16bitz
    its time to play genesis 30 hour straight
  2. ranCORE16bitz
    so exited to play this game. should get Slatter house 2 some time this week in the mail
  3. ranCORE16bitz
    So I played Contra hard corp for a few hour, In total probably 13 hour. and its definitely worth the $25.00 I spent on it.
    It is entertaining, full of challenges, crazy weapons,massive levels, clever bosses, fun mini bosses and five different ways to end the game. as if it where a chose your own adventure book. it's a great game but the reason i'm even writing this is because I was messing around in the options and messed with the music test and found a track labeled Jurassic dope!!!!!!!!!!!wow here listen to it ... http://youtu.be/rKAGVXKJDac that is crazy
  4. oldskool
    Right on man. Yeah that's a great game, so is Splatterhouse 2, I think you will enjoy them. Love the tune - I don't recall that one!
  5. ranCORE16bitz
    Thanks man I did enjoy splatter house 2 but enjoyed splatter house 3 more. Might get a turbo graphics 16 to play the first one
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