Awesome group idea!

  1. oldskool
    Thanks for the group invite. That makes me feel good that I am considered a "hardcore" collector of the Genesis.

    My collection is not impressive as far a sheer # of games. I have about 90 of them in total (Sega Genesis + CD), but they are all very top quality games which I find more important. I would hve several hundred by now if I didn't periodically weed out the crap games over the years.

    Quality over quantity - that's what I always say.
  2. QuickSciFi
    You're welcome. And welcome. =)
  3. Zebbe
    I also go with quality over quantity. I have about 180 MD+CD+32X games. I only aim for a full 32X set, because they are only 23 games.
  4. SpaceFlea
    Some of us are too epic to choose just quality or quantity... and collect both. :P
  5. StarMist
    I've weeded out most of the quantity as well as the quality, but I still have PS2, Chameleon Kid, Gunstar Heroes, Alien 3, and all the Sonics. I've known some of these games a damned long time.
  6. oldskool
    And the newest quality game added to my collection happens to be a mint Robo Aleste. Niiiiice.. =)
  7. oldskool
    Not sure how it happened, but in the last month or two since I first posted in this discussion, I've added about 20 more titles to my collection of Genesis/CD games.
  8. oldskool
    Which has since been sold..
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