LaserDisc-To-DVD transfers

  1. Barone
    Yeah, just use Google Translator to register and search for "LD-rip" or "LaserDisc" or just "LD" and you'll find some interesting stuff.

  2. Moirai
    Looks interesting, may have to later take a look... But why not transfer LD to BD? It would preserve the original quality much better.
  3. Barone
    'Cause DVD writers and medium are much cheaper, I think.
    But, IMO, there's almost no loss (if any) when you use DVD-9 and LPCM 2.0 as the audio track. LaserDisc releases rarely break the 90 minutes mark and a lot of them are just 45-60 min long (DVD-5 is fine for such cases). I think you would degrade the video quality when transferring to DVD-9 only if you were talking about something like 120+ min long.
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