Why this group? Why to concern about Chilly Willy?

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  1. Barone
    I've created this group in order to keep things organized and under control while we're attempting to find out what happened to Chilly Willy.
    Here we can concentrate any news about him and any discussion in this subject.

    Some things which happened in Chilly's thread have saddened me a bit and I'd like make some points clear:
    1) Who gives a fuck about Chilly Willy and his 32X's Doom homebrew?
    Well, actually it's Wolfenstein port.
    And to measure Chilly Willy's (or any other member) relevance by this or that is quite stupid IMO.
    Also, Chilly Willy's contribution to the Genesis/Mega Drive community are far more extensive than his Wolf32X homebrew. Chilly Willy has given enormous contribution to the homebrew scene by constantly researching, discussions and share of its knowledge across forums like Sega-16, spritesmind and sonicretro.
  2. Barone
    It's thanks to a half-dozen guys like him that we have a Genesis/Mega Drive healthy homebrew scene today.
    He helped to develop some tech demos which certainly will be reused in the future, like the Direct DMA Color trick (allows the Genesis/Mega Drive to show up to 512 colors on screen at once) and the public release of the so called Sega CD mode 1 (that thing which was used in Pier Solar and allowed us to have the Genesis/Mega Drive running a game from the cartridge and playing the CD soundtrack at the same time). Especially in the mode 1 thing, Chilly fought in order to have the source code of it released to the public, so other people could eventually use it in their homebrew/hacking projects. The Russian hack of Rock N' Roll Racing which adds the Sega CD soundtrack feature is based on the source code that he provided, for an example.
    He never refused to partake our discussions here in Sega-16 and help us out with our technical doubts.
  3. Barone
    2) Chilly Willy has left the boards for only two months, no reason to be concerned. People like Rusty took much longer breaks and they were alive.
    First, it's exactly three months since his last login here, not two.
    Second, unlike Chilly Willy, people like Rusty weren't involved in any projects or discussions when they left the boards, and some of them had expressed or showed their lack of interested to keep active in the community.
  4. Barone
    3) You think Chilly Willy is dead, you're creepy people.
    Personally, I've expressed, repeatedly, that it wasn't the reason why I was concerned about Chilly Willy's absence.
    But we have already lost two members which were very active in our community: Rodger Swan (December 19, 1986 - January 27, 2010) (Sega-16 reviewer, very cool guy which shared a lot of his joy to live with other people; had a YT channel which thousands of people used to follow - http://www.youtube.com/user/rodgerswan , etc.) and Blake Ashley Cheslock ("Breetai") (October 2, 1980 - December 23, 2012) (great forum member, provided several guides in racketboy's forum, had a great knowledge about games, etc.). In both cases, family and friends expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the kind words which their community buddies expressed once they knew about what happened.
    I think this post pretty much says it all: http://www.racketboy.com/forum/viewt...698072#p698072
  5. Barone
    4) You're being overly dramatic and intrusive by sending a Christmas card to Chilly Willy.
    Shouldn't be Christmas time about being close to people that we love and care, rather than going crazy about buying new stuff and receiving gifts?
    I've never heard about someone who had his life destroyed by a Christmas card or which fell into depression due to people being concerned about his health.
    Also, other forum members like Bones Justice have expressed that it was good to them to know that people cared about their well-being.
    It's also widely accepted and well known the notion that people tend to get depressed and have trouble when they feel lonely and/or abandoned by their friends and people they usually talk to.
    We don't know if Chilly is in trouble or not, if he has tons of friends around him; we don't know if he would appreciate what we're doing... But isn't it worth trying to help people we care about?
  6. djcc
    Personally, there's no need to explain. We know implicitly why we want to get in touch with Chilly. Those guys just wanted to argue and be assholes.
  7. Barone
    I agree with you, I just wanted to be sure we are on the same page.
  8. djcc
    Also, I actually haven't heard from Chilly in three months, not two. I sent him a message back on September 21st on SpritesMind and he's never received it. It's still in my outbox folder, waiting to be delivered.
  9. retrospiel
    Made some room in my Inbox. - @djcouchycouch, would you be willing to take over the postcard duties if AlecRob changes his mind? (he tried to contact me). I'd rather you do it than someone who doesn't know him at all (i.e. Vector) - Do you live in the States ?
  10. Barone
    I agree with you, Christuserloeser, it's better that someone like djcouchycouch send it to him since SpritesMind was certainly his most active forum and djcouchycouch would have all the reasons to try to contact him since he suddenly disappeared.

    *Also, remember, this isn't' much different from regular threads. I think all Sega-16 users can see what you post here (there's no privacy settings enabled for the Groups) (they just can't post here), so keep your personal data and private comments to the PMs*.
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