Favorite Saturn game you own AND your most wanted Saturn Game:

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  1. djshok
    Favourite: Sonic 3D Blast
    Most Wanted: Magic Knight Rayearth
  2. The Jackal
    The Jackal
    2013 update: Magic Carpet is still my fave Sat game (I'm easily pleased 0, but seeing as I own Story of Thor 2 now, I'd say my most wanted game is now NiGHTS, which, I may end up importing from Japan seeing as it's still cheap over there.
  3. Bloodreign
    Liquid Kids and Bubble Symphony, as well as Elevator Action. Love Taito and these 3 games represent some of their best on the Saturn, even if they are arcade ports.

    Also gotta give some love to the Konami shmups on the systems (Gradius, Salamander, Parodius , and the Twinbee series. So in short, that's a lot of reasons why I love my Saturn.
  4. KitsuneNight
    favorite : fighters megamix

    most wanted : astra super stars
  5. synbiosfan
    Favorite: Shining Force III

    Most wanted: more room for storage
  6. StealthRUSH
    Groove On Fight
    Bulk Slash
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