Favorite Saturn game you own AND your most wanted Saturn Game:

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  1. QuickSciFi

    Own: Three Dirty Dwarves

    Want: Panzer Dragoon Saga
  2. green.eyes
    My favorite is Shining Force 3 and most wanted is Swagman!
  3. QuickSciFi
    No way! And here I was contemplating on getting Swagman for the PS1. I can't believe I didn't know of its Saturn existence. I'm definitely getting this.
  4. SpaceFlea
    Radiant Silvergun is my favorite game, so it is obviously my favorite Saturn game. As for what game is most wanted that's difficult to say since I've got the complete US set and am currently working on a complete JP set. Really, no game is wanted more than any other - I've got most if not all the dandies.
  5. Baloo
    Hmm, this is a tough one!

    Favorite: NiGHTS into Dreams...

    Most Wanted: Not sure about this one, it was Panzer Dragoon Saga but I recently borrowed it from a friend and played through it and loved it, but now I don't know if I really have a reason to own it now. Guess a toss-up between that and a couple others, like Astal, SEGA AGES, Tempest 2000, and a few others I haven't been able to find. Also want to pick up Shining Force III one of these days.
  6. JFLY
    Out Run (Sega Ages Japanese release) is my favorite and most played game in my Saturn collection. My most wanted game is the US release of Panzer Dragoon Saga. I have the CD soundtrack for Saga though, so that helps keep the urge to buy down a bit.
  7. Kogen
    Daytona USA Circuit Edition has been my favourite so far. I thought it would be NiGHTS, but I never really liked it too much.

    Looking forward to playing some SEGA AGES games on it, so Space Harrier I guess! Still need a Mission Stick, though.
  8. The Jackal
    The Jackal
    ^ Don't know if serious. Anyways, for me, I like Magic Carpet. Most wanted atm is Story of Thor 2.
  9. Curryman123
    My favorite game that I own is Batsugun.

    Next one will be Battle Garegga (as soon as it gets here).
  10. Moirai
    I don't have a favorite Saturn game ATM, but my most wanted one is any that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg!
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