Lockout's over, time for Football!

  1. Nobi
    Man I am excited about the Texans this year. I hope the team can finally get past the Colts, and earn a home playoff game. I'm telling you, If Houston can get homefield advantage in the playoffs, they will go to the Super Bowl.

    The Redskins however are a team without a soul at the moment. Not so sure about Shanahan. I think I would like to see somebody else coach the team. I can't believe everything they gave away for Mcnabb, and Haynesworth, and they gave them away for 5th, and 6th round draft picks. Thats the kind of stupid shit that hurts a team for 5, 10 seasons to come, especially since they gave Jason Campbell away for Mcnabb. Campbell never set the league on fire, but he never really threw a bunch of int's, and he helped win a few close one's in DC. They should have kept him around, he would have been better than what they have now.

    Any preseason predictions from the guys?
  2. tz101
    Much as I hate to say it, Packers look like a juggernaut, again.
  3. Nobi
    Oh yeah, Packers looked great. They are looking a little weak in the secondary, but I think they are still the best team in the league. I still have not gotten over the way Rodgers tore the Steelers apart in the last Super Bowl. Looked like Montana I tell ya.

    The Texans and the Skins are 2-0, but I'm pessimistic. They have been 2-0 before, only to fall apart. The first 2 weeks of the regular season seem to be an extension of the preseason, more so this year due to the lockout. Talk to me when they are 5-0.
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