Why is PS1 better than Saturn?

  1. Barone
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    I love Sega but Saturn just suck IMO.
  2. tz101
    Look at the graphical difference between the two. Sure, PSX had some triangulated polygon issues in certain games, but Saturn games, IMO, all look mostly grainy in appearance. I do not know the difference in technical specs between Saturn and PSX, but maybe it was only a difference in video processors?
  3. tz101
    I should also add that Playstation is far easier to collect for in my area. Saturn games rarely show up in the wild, but PSX games can be found all the time at Goodwill, Salvation Army and such for really cheap prices. Even the PSX consoles go for around $5-$10 a piece all over my area, while Saturn systems can almost never be found.
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