Why is Radiant Silvergun so expensive?

  1. Moirai
    Why is radiant silvergun so expensive? it doesn't seem to be that rare of a game at all, seeing as you can get on ebay any day of the week and find like 20 of them. I've bought and sold games way rarer than RS for much cheaper. Such as Virtual On: Netlink Edition, which I recently sold. You can rarely even find 1 copy of that on ebay at any given time and yet it goes for about half the price. What's the deal? I know it's a good game and all, but why should a game as common as RS be so expensive? Is it some kind of conspiracy?
  2. SpaceFlea
    It's no different from Musha, Centy, Earthbound, or anything else of the sort. Everyone just desperately wants them. Hell, Earthbound is even more abundant than RS, and it commands about $600 now (it was selling for $150 CIB just a few short years ago). The thing about Radiant is, compared to those other games, it has not increased in price. It has sat between $150-175 for at least 10 years now (I bought mine in March '03 for $158). So, comparatively speaking, it has gone down in price.
  3. Hidden_Darkness
    it's just one of those games thats popular and in demand, there are a ton of games that are not that hard to find with over inflated prices.
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