Recommended Games:

  1. QuickSciFi
    I only know of two I want:

    1. Phantasy Star - RPG
    2. Golden Axe Warrior - Action RPG

    Got a rec?
  2. Loggo
    1: Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap (Action/Adventure/RPG)
    2: Sonic the Hedgehog (Platform)
    3: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Platform)
    4: R-Type (Shump)
    5: Castle of Illusion (Platform)
    6: Land of Illusion (Platform)
    7: Ninja Gaiden (Action)
    8: Power Strike II (Shump) (Aleste series)
    9: Alex Kidd (Platform)
    10: Fantasy Zone II (Shump)
    11: Asterix (Platform)
    12: Master of Darkness (Action great Castlevania clone)
    13: Golvellius (Action/Adventure/RPG)
    14: Zillion (Action/Adventure)
    15: Streets of Rage (Beat em up)
    16: Ghouls & Ghosts (Action/Platform)
    17: Rastan (Action)
    18: Gain Ground (Strategy)
    19: Kenseiden (Action)
    20: Penguin Land (Puzzle/Platform)
  3. The Jackal
    The Jackal
    The 8-Bit Sonic games and the Disney "Illusion" series are a must.
  4. villahed94
    And still forgot Out Run?? Awesome conversion. And when you add the YM2413 it gets even better.
  5. acdc
    others that i recommend and not listed yet

    asterix the secret mission
    action fighter
    the flash
    lucky dime keeper starring donald duck
    deep duck trouble starring donald duck
    golden axe warrior
    miracle warriors
    pscycho fox
    alex the kidd shinobi world
    the smurfs
    the terminator
    cyborg hunter
    r type
    psychic world
    scramble spirits

    shooting games for the light phaser

    resceu mission
    laser ghost
    operation wolf
    gangster town
  6. Bloodreign
    Might I add Bubble Bobble, whips the pants off the NES version.
  7. douglie007
    I think that covers all the games but the Great sports games.. and they should be left out
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