When did you acquire your first Genesis/MD?

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  1. MEGADRIVE Jeroi
    November 1994 pal model 2 with Sonic 2 bundle and for Christmas I got Super Street Fighter 2 + 6 button IR twin controllers pack. Oh that is my glory xmass from all. I still remember how in love I was with my Sega model 2 when my mates had model 1's.
  2. Phantar
    Xmas 1988, a japanese Model 1 import. It was awesome because for a long time I was the only kid in town to own that new, egdy 16-bit console. Suck it, Nintendo! :P
  3. Bloodreign
    1998, I was in a game shop and wanted a different console to play. I was not a fan of the Genesis before that time but figured maybe it was time to give the system a shot. Picked up this model 2 (since retired in favor of a model 1) and got some games for it from a classic game shop that was in the area at that time (their game prices weren't so nice though). Long story short I eventually went to Toys R Us and picked up re-releases of CV Bloodlines and Contra HC, I then quickly fell in love with my "new" console and about a little over a decade later started seriously collecting for it .
  4. HalfBit
    Summer 2013. I was a little late. So what? 16-bit goodness!
    Woo hoo for street fighter 2 and earthworm Jim!
  5. Andy
    Christmas 1993.....I specifically requested a model 1 mega drive, because it looked cool with the model 1 mega cd (I planned on getting the cd add on at some point). I got the model 2 so was slightly dissapointed but I dont think it bothered me for long. Once id had a go on SOR and Shinobi I didn't care. The MD2 i got came with mega games 2 and 3. Had some seriously good games back then but i ended up swapping my entire MD setup (boxed MD2, a bunch of different control pads, 2 arcade sticks, 32X (boxed), about 30 games and 150 cash for a second hand PS1 with a demo disc around christmas 95. A decision i regret to this day lol
  6. TailsCD
    I got my first Genesis for Xmas of '97. My aunt worked at a video store and the were getting rid of it, so she gave it to me. It came with Jeopardy, Ms. Pac-man, and arcade classics if I remember correctly (I was like 4 or 5 when I got it). The console was a US model 2 and came in a black, hard plastic brief case. I still have the console and the case. The player 2 port doesn't work.
  7. BRNexus7
    My Brother and I got it the year it originally released in NA. We put our Christmas money together to buy it.

    Unfortunately later down the road I sold it to Funcoland so I could get credit towards a Playstation.

    I just recently bought another Sega CD Model 1 thanks to a Sega-16 forum member.
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