The Temple of Raul Julia's Witness

Praise Raul!

The Rules:

1. Raul Julia didn't need the Oscars, since the little man would simply melt in his hand as he had it hand delivered to his seat.

2. This following list is required viewing:

The Addams Family
Addams Family Values
Street Fighter: The Movie
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
The Rookie
Frankenstein Unbound
Gumball Rally
Moon over Parador
Tequila Sunrise
Kiss of the Spider Woman

3. The mere fact that Raul Julia is gone from this dimension simply means he rules all the others.

4. Hailing any other actor in the same regard as Raul Julia results in him challenging you to a duel.

5.Oddly enough, his performance in Street Fighter: The Movie actually required no acting or special effects, since this was all normal to a man like Raul Julia.

6. What's behind you is not important.

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