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Thread: Gem Smashers/Pazunin (GBA) High Scores

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    Default Gem Smashers/Pazunin (GBA) High Scores

    NOTE: This is to post your final score, whether you win the game or not, since this game has 3 continues (maybe less depending on the difficulty) and it doesn't reset your score (M&M's Break 'em! was similar in that matter, but that didn't have a high score table. EDIT: The DS version has a high score table). It can be done either in the US/European version (Gem Smashers) or the Japanese one (Pazunin: Uminin no Puzzle de Minu), because they're the same thing, they have the same levels, but the difference is the playable characters and the block colors (instead of red you get pink, instead of blue you get light blue, for example). You have to post your username, the name you introduced in the high score table and the score, the place in the high score table (optional), the number of the stage you got to (it's to the right of the score), version of the game (optional) and a screenshot (optional)

    [name on high score table] - [score] - [stage]
    [position on high score table, unnecessary if you post a screenshot, but you can still put it if you want]
    [version of the game]


    Here's mine:

    HCHMAN - 30847 - Stage 16
    4th place
    Pazunin: Uminin no Puzzle de Minu

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