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Thread: Latest Review section tagged, genre & review scores pooled.

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    Default Latest Review section tagged, genre & review scores pooled.

    I tagged everything in the forum with
    'genre:*' and 'score:*'

    I pulled the genre names verbatim from each review article, and made sure they pooled into the same list as other similar titles when used as a filter. (Only difference, is FPS, is listed under FP Shooter) Going through everything, I ran into and tagged broken content. I found 2 articles missing entirely, and a lot of threads with broken links in Melf's opening post. With the tag restriction at 2, I opted to tag just the genre, & 'Broken link' or 'missing link' instead of the score.

    What does all of this mean?

    It means "I need a beer."

    It also means that Melf just needs to pull the Tag Cloud entries for 'Missing Link' & 'Broken Link' to catch what's screwed the pooch, and gives the otherwise useless tag cloud a function outside of random insults & bad jokes. We can hop around between article threads & search quicker through the forums if the links aren't broken.

    A few of the broken links will need to be tagged with the score once fixed to get 'everything' pooled.

    Happy Easter, everybody.

    Melf: search for tags 'broken link' or 'missing link', there's 61 of them.
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