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Thread: SEGA, where is Daytona USA 2 for home?

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    They need to do a compilation of After Burner Climax, Daytona USA 2, Golden Axe III, Rally 3 and SEGA Super GT.
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    I've 99% given up hope; I only have 1% hope because the recent Virtua Racing port for Switch makes me believe that Sega may actually care about some of their classic IP's. Sega GT, Daytona 2 (and Outrunners) are just great games that will likely never have arcade perfect home ports. Luckily I can play Outrunners via Coinops on my original Xbox. It plays perfectly and is basically the same as having a home port, and the Xbox controller works great.

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    I would love a Daytona Classics Arcade collection. I've always thought Nintendo should think about porting the MK arcade series as a collection to fill in the gap between another new title.

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