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Thread: Did you fall for the 32X hype?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeJunker View Post
    Right, always forget those, strange anything wasn't released with so few titles but timing I guess.

    -Darxide=PAL: I had the false expectation of a space sim instead of 3D Asteroids, my fault.

    -FIFA Soccer 96=PAL: Still plenty of Soccerballs and Soccer games on Genesis so idk probably fell through the cracks.

    -Sangokushi IV=JP: Not really my thing but I see quite a few NA versions on other platforms so not too foreign for NA.

    -Surgical Strike=BR: That one bugs me a little since it's right on the Sega CD version's manual front and it's one of the few FMV games I don't hate, not a lot of interactivity but you know left goes left and shoot does shoot even though it's not direct control.

    I still have the letter somewhere. I bought the game back in the day. An offer inside said, send us this postcard and we'll send you a 32X copy of the game when it becomes available. The letter came many months later stating the project was cancelled but to make up for it I could select two free Sega CD games from a predetermined list. As I recall, I got one of the games I requested but never did get the second one.

    Their customer service got better when Saturn came around. In the beginning the NetLink enabled games were very limited and the only way to get the NL version of Daytona USA was to buy it direct from Sega (no idea why). But, I did, and I did receive my game after a bit of a delay. It is one of the most rare games in my entire collection.
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    Yeah, I'd love to see the 32X version of Surgical Strike surface someday but I'm not holding my breath. It would be one of the coolest sega cd things to surface in recent memory (next to Penn & Teller)
    Quote Originally Posted by StarMist View Post
    A spine card is the hymen of a new game assuring its first owner that he is truly her one and only, and of a used game assuring its new owner that whilst she has been played with in the past that play has never been too careless or thorough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilevoix View Post
    Yes thank you it was a good read.

    Oh lol "In order to give the 32X add-on a little push, only the disc containing the Sega CD version was published.". Yay I get to send in a card to Sega, pay shipping fees, and wait a really long time for Surgical Strike 32X instead of getting it right in the box. This promotion definitely makes me happy I bought a 32X, my friend can't get his 32X fast enough as he also wants to wait for games in the mail too because it's so convenient.

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    "disease prevention and health promotion"
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    I'm guessing it was the later definition, some stupid dead-end bragging rights thing they were going for. They should have just done the same thing they did with Fahrenheit. Plenty of quickly dead promotions in video game history like the Swordquest one or the Advent Rising million dollar prize.

    Kind of an eyesore for the cover really, actually like this game some.

    The reality was it was hard enough to get a Sega CD game to shelves and even less likely a Sega 32X CD because of the requirement of both add-ons so dual format was the ONLY logical release model.

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