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Thread: Sonic CD Enhanced Soundtrack v2

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    Quote Originally Posted by PimpUigi View Post

    Released as a mod for Sonic CD 2011!
    Reworked, re-edited, remastered every track.
    Welcome back man. And very cool stuff, how does one use exactly this on the Sonic CD release for Steam?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baloo View Post
    Welcome back man. And very cool stuff, how does one use exactly this on the Sonic CD release for Steam?
    Sorry for the late reply Baloo! (good memories too, my friend)
    You get the Sonic CD Mod Loader https://gamebanana.com/tools/6446
    Then you drop mods in the Mods folder.
    Open the mod loader .exe file and then check the boxes for mods you want to play, click "install loader" and then click Save and Play. It's set it and forget it, so the next time you open Sonic CD with its shortcut it will automatically load the mods.

    There are lots of other neat mods available on that site, 4:3 videos with the cutscene lyrics restored, title screen fixes, Time Travel Overhaul to make Time Travel more like the devs had originally envisioned.
    Cool stuff. Never a better time to get into Sonic CD.

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