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Thread: Sega CD back up RAM cart work on any region?

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    That onboard battery allows the cart to retain saves for Genesis games.
    Several Genesis games had a "battery back up" save feature that allowed you to continue games, one such game was Phantasy Star 2.

    Since the games themselves can't directly access the SD card, the everdrive system has this same memory set aside as a place to save game progress on those games that used it until it's written to the SD card, and the everdrive system will only write this file to the SD card when you switch to a different game or tell it to do so.

    Even though this is SRAM, the save space is much too small to hold Sega CD backup ram on the older or less expensive cards, and is also mapped out in a slightly different way, which is why it isn't seen by the Sega CD memory manager.

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    Ahhh it all makes sense now. Thanks Random!

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