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Thread: WTB: Sega CD model 2 system, boxed

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    Default WTB: Sega CD model 2 system, boxed

    I'd like to finally pick one of these up. I have a few Sega CD games that I already own and want to play, a few I might even speed run. The problem is that recently everyone on eBay thinks their shit is made of platinum. I'm seeing people list complete Sega CD systems in used condition for upwards of $250, plus shipping, which is absurd. They're not selling for these prices, but if one person lists a system for that much, everyone starts thinking they can get away with it too.

    I want one for both utilitarian purposes and as a collector. I'm looking for a model 2 system with all the cords and metal connector plate. The manual is not a necessity, but would be nice. If you have the original 6 button Sega CD controller, that would be awesome too. Again, not a necessity, but I love those things and it would save me the trouble of having to buy another.

    I don't expect totally mint condition, but I'd like the system itself to be in good shape. The box I'm less picky about. I'm looking to pay no more than $120 total with shipping, depending on what's included and the condition.

    Feel free to contact me right here, via PM, or by e-mail: XeroShinobi@gmail.com

    Edit: I bought a boxed model 2 Sega CD off ebay via auction. Snagged it for $62.
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