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Thread: Video Games You Regretted Selling

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    Default Video Games You Regretted Selling

    I've just gone through a period where I had to sell some games to pay off some nasty bills, but times are now better and I can finally reflect on what's been lost. I will likely seperate my posts between what I sold lately, and what I regretted selling in the following post. This is also to emphasize just how many games I really did own, and in comparison to my next post, how many I was able to live without (for various reasons that consist of simply not playing them anymore or not liking them)

    What I've sold off lately in the past few months to save my hide:

    My Atari Jaguar with 30 games and two controllers

    The Jaguar games for those who are curious
    - Alien vs Predator
    - Tempest 2000
    - Iron Soldier
    - Rayman
    - Towers 2
    - Skyhammer
    - Protector 2000
    - Hyper Force
    - Fight for Life
    - Attack of the Mutant Penguins
    - Ultra Vortek
    - Zool 2
    - Bubsy
    - Kasumi Ninja
    - Double Dragon V
    - Club Drive
    - Checkered Flag
    - Power Drive Rally
    - Super Burnout
    - Ruiner Pinball
    - Wolfenstein 3D
    - Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
    - Cybermorph
    - Trevor McFur
    - Brutal Sports Football
    - Atari Karts
    - Sensible Soccer
    - A snowboarding game I fail to remember the title to
    - Raiden
    - Zero 5

    A few Genesis games (owning Sonic's Ultimate Genesis collection for Xbox 360 helped with my decision-making on this)
    - Shining in the Darkness
    - Shining Force 1 and 2
    - Vectorman
    - Streets of Rage 3

    Some NES games
    - Metal Gear
    - Shadowgate
    - Fist of the North Star
    - Wurm

    Some SNES games
    - Illusion of Gaia
    - Pocky and Rocky
    - Super Metroid
    - Zelda: A Link to the Past
    - Super Castlevania IV
    - Hagane
    - Secret of Evermore

    A lot of N64 games
    - Goldeneye
    - Jet Force Gemini
    - Donkey Kong 64
    - Banjo Kazooie
    - Chopper Attack
    - Aerofighters Assault
    - Top Gear Overdrive
    - Clayfighter 63 1/3
    - Crusin' Exotica
    - Shadowgate 64
    - Castlevania (I do own Castlevania Legacy of Darkness so this one was warranted)
    - MRC
    - Snowboard Kids
    - Yoshi's Story
    - War Gods

    Some Gamecube games
    - Super Mario Sunshine
    - Lost Kingdoms II
    - Bloody Roar
    - Baiten Kaitos and BK: Origins
    - Chibi Robo
    - Wave Race

    A few Sega CD games
    - Ultraverse Prime (felt good getting rid of this one)
    - Jaguar XJ220
    - Flink
    - Lethal Enforcers 2
    - Battlecorps

    A good amount of Sega 32X games
    - BC Racers
    - RBI Baseball
    - WWF Raw
    - WWF Arcade Game
    - Pitfall
    - T Mek
    - Blackthorne
    - Toughman Contest
    - 36 Great Holes
    - Star Wars Arcade

    A lot of Saturn games
    - Golden Axe: The Duel
    - Die Hard Arcade
    - Dark Savior
    - Burning Rangers
    - Shining Wisdom
    - Lunacy
    - Virtual Hydlide
    - Battle Monsters
    - Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV
    - Ghen War
    - Manx TT
    - Hang On GP
    - Last Bronx
    - Baku Baku
    - Galaxy Fight

    Plenty of Dreamcast games
    - Seaman
    - Cannon Spike
    - Record of Lodoss War
    - Phantasy Star Online ver 2
    - Mr. Driller
    - Dynamite Cop
    - Sega GT
    - F355 Challenge
    - The Ring: Terror's Realm
    - MDK 2
    - Sega Bass and Marine Fishing
    - Crazy Taxi 1 and 2

    Plenty of PS1 games
    - Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (did this because I already have it on Sega CD anyway, and they're both identical for the most part)
    - Einhander
    - Mega Man Legends 1 and 2
    - Alundra
    - Elemental Gearbolt
    - Vandal Hearts
    - Persona (I have the remake on PSP)
    - Guilty Gear
    - Bushido Blade

    A few PS2 games
    - Rule of Rose
    - SMT: Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2
    - SMT: Noctourne
    - Ar Tonelico 1 and 2
    - Mana Khemia
    - Grandia 3

    A few Xbox games
    - Crazy Taxi 3
    - Outrun 2
    - Soul Calibur 2

    A few Nintendo DS games
    - Warioware Touched
    - Meteos
    - Sonic Rush
    - Jake Hunter
    - Trace Memory

    Some PSP
    - Tekken Dark Resurrection
    - Rengoku 1 and 2
    - Mega Man Powered Up
    - Tokobot

    And finally, Xbox 360!
    - Record of Agarest War
    - Zoids Assault
    - Mortal Kombat
    - Over G Fighters
    - Ninety Nine Nights
    - Infinite Undiscovery
    - The Last Remnant

    And now, to work on my regrets post!

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    Not much since I've bought back most games I've sold many years ago. Perhaps at the moment, Super Mario Kart would be nice. Still haven't bought that one back and I've had a SNES for many years now.

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    Toy Story (Snes)

    Rival Turf (Snes)

    Hellfire (Pc-engine)

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    I've bought almost all of the games I ever played and liked back in the day. I regretted selling my Master System, NES and TG16 and all games so much I systematically rebuilt not only what I had but what I ever wanted back then. Now I'm just a gem hunter.

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    Mighty Final Fight(NES) - traded it to a friend for what I believe was "Tombs & Treasure".

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    I don't sell my games for this reason.

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    Here are my picks for games I really miss the most:

    Sega Saturn:

    Burning Rangers - At first it felt like a short exercise from Sonic Team when I blasted through it in one day. But as time has gone by, I have to admit, it really was a neat game and I'm looking to pick it back up in the future because I haven't played anything like it to this day.

    Shining Wisdom - This might seem like a weird one, but I personally felt this was my favorite Zelda-clone from Sega (moreso than Crusader of Centy and Beyond Oasis), and it's novelty has only come to bother me with its absence. I shall likely try to pick this up in the future as well.

    Lunacy - Made from the same company that did Mansion of Hidden Souls for Sega CD, and Seal of the Pharaoh for the 3DO, I actually felt this was the developer's best title and its unique story is something I'd like to check out again at a later date.

    Virtual Hydlide - I just miss this game because it makes me laugh so hard. And I feel guilty for admitting this, but I actually had fun with it too. It isn't worth anything if I ever want it back, so this isn't first priority.

    Sega Genesis:

    Shining Force - I had this with box and instructions, so it does burn not to see it in my Genesis collection. However, I should be grateful it's not worth an absurd sum, so that always helps.

    Sega 32X:

    Blackthorne - I thought this game was pretty cool, but the only reason I ever decided to sell the game was because I sucked at it.


    Mega Man Legends - See Capcom, that's what you get for not releasing Mega Man Legends 3! Nah, in all seriousness, I do miss these games already, and here I was telling myself that 2D Mega Man was all I needed. Well, I guess that statement's still correct, but Mega Man Legends always does a good job of making me think twice.

    Alundra - It's strange, I miss this game, but not Dark Savior. Dark Savior was bold in its experimentation and that's something worth remembering it for, but I miss Alundra because the game was a lot of fun for me to play in comparison. If I wanted a 32-bit Landstalker title, this game delivered the goods.

    Einhander - I miss this game because I love Shmups, and even though it wasn't as fast or to the point like other shooters I preferred, it still had a great cinematic flair and fun weapons. Certainly a game worth picking up again at some point.


    Pocky and Rocky - I miss this game the most because of the childhood memories I had with it, and what little time I spent with it when I finally bought the game later in life. It's a forgotten classic and one that I would recommend to anyone who likes action games. Picking this one up again shouldn't be any trouble.

    Super Metroid - My favorite Metroid title, but I'm more of a Sega guy so naturally I sold this just to make some money. I do plan to pick it up again at some point.

    Castlevania IV - Symphony of the Night is my favorite, so it didn't feel wrong selling this at first. Weeks have gone by, and now I realize that what I sold was the SECOND BEST Castlevania game I've ever played. Oh well, at least I have Bloodlines which is easily as good!

    And that's all I can think of for games I either miss greatly or would like to pick back up.

    Quote Originally Posted by TrekkiesUnite118 View Post
    I don't sell my games for this reason.
    You are correct in that statement. I'd say that I did own a lot of garbage too though, so if anything positive came out of this, I did sell a lot of games I either didn't like, or simply weren't useful anymore. But in either event, not selling games is something I should start making a practice of from this point forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curryman123 View Post
    Toy Story (Snes)

    Rival Turf (Snes)

    Hellfire (Pc-engine)
    Heh, yeah I could do with another copy of Toy Story on SNES. Fantastic memories... I do have it on Genesis though. Quite an impressive game.

    Quote Originally Posted by eddiespruce View Post
    Mighty Final Fight(NES) - traded it to a friend for what I believe was "Tombs & Treasure".
    yeah, Tombs & Treasure is a real NES game. I own a copy.

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    I haven't sold off many of my games. But I did sell my copy of Mortal Kombat II a fair number of years ago that I got on its launch day, and that weighed on me a bit not long after I did it. I've got another copy now and it's in fine shape, but it's not the original one I got all those years ago.

    Outside of that, I regret selling all my Atari 2600 stuff. I was still a teen at the time, and didn't really care. But now, considering all the games I used to have for it, I wish I had them back.

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    I rarely sell anything, but I very mildly regret selling my XBox. I was under the assumption that 360 had backwards compatibility. I did not know Microsoft was lying out their arse about it.

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    Many, many games.

    Tombi is the one that most stings; sold it for a tenner, now it goes for 200+. No way I can afford that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrekkiesUnite118 View Post
    I don't sell my games for this reason.
    That's pretty much me too, but I do regret pirating a lot of games in my younger years instead of buying them. My big game regret is probably being "smart" and borrowing my friend's copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga to play so I didn't have to buy my own copy. Doh!!
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    A spine card is the hymen of a new game assuring its first owner that he is truly her one and only, and of a used game assuring its new owner that whilst she has been played with in the past that play has never been too careless or thorough.

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    Shining in the Darkness - Would love to give this game another chance, but haven't seem to been able to find a particularly cheap copy in the wild, don't feel like paying more than $5 for it.

    Mario Superstar Baseball - Traded this one away as part of a deal for a copy of Tetris DS. Wish I still had it as the game was a ton of fun, but the latter is so much harder to find.

    Mario Kart Double Dash - One of my favorite versions of Mario Kart, got rid of it when I got Mario Kart Wii. Now my Wii is broken and the only two incarnations I have are Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64, neither of which I really care for as they're a bit dated.
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    Most of the stuff I sold I really didn't regret selling - it was more of an inconvenience to track down a replacement when I wanted to play said system. For example, I traded a NES away for something or other when I was little and, although I didn't miss it, I was pissed when I had to track down another one just to get Super Mario Bros 3 out of my system. However (and while I'm talking about NES), there is one lot that I wish I didn't sell. It was a CIB, NM NES Deluxe Set complete with ROB, both games CIB, all plastics, everything in pristine condition. I wound up selling it along with a lot of 30 or so CIB NES games on eBay for ~ 250. THAT pissed me off and I regret that one a lot.

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    When I bought a Saturn for the first time, I bought a big lot off ebay (this was maybe 2001 or so) and one of the games was Burning Rangers. At the time I more or less didn't give it much notice. I ended up trading it for something (cant remember what) but now I wish I still had it

    The other was I had a minty complete Panzer Dragoon Saga for Saturn (around 2002 or so) and I traded it for a complete Out Run 3D for Master system. I kind of wish I still had that PDS. All I've got now is a disc only copy of PDS Still have Out Run 3d tho!

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