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Thread: Video Games You Regretted Selling

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    I sold my entire GameBoy collection to the Slackers in O'Fallon, Illinois. I had pretty much every coveted game (e.g. Metroid II, Super Mario Land 1/2, Link's Awakening, Final Fantasy Adventure, etc.) complete-in-box with all of their original materials in great condition. The amount of money I received in return I realize now was ridiculous.

    On that note, for anyone who lives in the St. Louis metropolitan area, Slackers is a pretty big rip-off for any non-disc-based games. I have a theory that in the past they threw away anything but the cartridge because it took up too much storage space. You go there and buy a game and 98% of the time you will receive the cartridge alone for prices you could get the complete game online. An employee literally told me that when they receive the complete games, they sell them through their online store. The only way you can get good quality vintage games from them is if you literally come to buy something that someone has JUST traded in, before they have a chance to ship it to their warehouse.

    It's ridiculous...I know not everyone took good care of their games or cared, but how many people REALLY threw away their Genesis plastic clamshells and manuals? It's ridiculous that a store can have their entire stock of Genesis games be the cartridge only.

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    I haven't really sold many games per se. My parents got rid of all of our Atari 5200 stuff (and some of our VCS games) when they moved in the 1990s, and it'd be nice to have Zaxxon and Mr. Do's Castle back, but it's no big deal. Later on my little brother gave our SNES stuff to my nephew, and again it'd be nice to have some of those games back, but it was nothing especially rare.

    I did throw away a couple of Tandy Color Computer cartridges when they stopped working in the late 1980s, back when I didn't know about cleaning games with alcohol and so forth. I feel stupid about that now.

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    OK, I thought I never sold any of my games, but now I remember. It was about 9 years ago, I bought a microphone, and wanted an amplifier. The smallest thing worth getting was this little 15 watt Traynor amp, and they wanted $125 for it. So I sold my SNES and all the games for it, and I don't even think I got $50 for it. After selling, my Grandfather gave in, took out his credit card, and covered the other $75 for the amp. Thankfully I once again have an SNES(Actually, I have 4), and plenty of great games, so I no longer look back in anger.

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