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Thread: Has Anyone Read Jademan Comics?

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    Default Has Anyone Read Jademan Comics?

    Figured that since there's a variety of anime/manga fans on here like myself, I may as well make this thread.

    Jademan Comics was a company from Hong Kong that made Manga-style comic books with a rather unique variety. They had a lot of action series that I loved like Fist of the Buddha's Palm, Oriental Heroes, Drunken Fist, and The Blood Sword to name a few. But I was a real big fan of the Jademan Collection that was released every month with a collection of short stories that are just downright edgy, but hilarious.

    Here's a sample of what you're missing (taken from an issue I found in my closet the other day):

    Anyone else ever read comics from this company?

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    I have a total of one issue of Drunken Fist. It's awesome. A young girl fights an old woman under water, a hairy kid named porky (or something) gets his ass beat, and the main guy beats up a bunch of ninja's while wounded. All that in just one issue.

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