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Thread: For Trade/Sale thread. Massive dreamcast game/twinstick sale! Massive Saturn wantlist

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    Default For Trade/Sale thread. Massive dreamcast game/twinstick sale! Massive Saturn wantlist

    Please communicate by posting here before sending me a private message. This will ensure that first-come-first-serve, as I can keep a more accurate time-stamp on offers.

    All of my games are directly from my collection. Most of these are near mint, especially the Saturn/sega CD cases, as I've switched and swapped around quite a bit to keep the cases in my collection pristine. If there is any imperfection, I'll try to describe it, but this is me nitpicking, as I'm rather particular about what I allow in my library when it comes to quality. I also do not have foam bricks for the CD/Saturn games, but I do keep bubble wrap inside these games to hold the manuals shape.

    I am only looking for what is in my wanted list posted below, or the price offered. These prices include shipping within the United States only (free shipping). If you live out of the US and want something, then we can sort out shipping. Payment is to be made with paypal only.

    For Trade/Sale
    Down for revising, check back soon!

    My Want List
    I am after near-mint complete copies of the following games;

    Sega Genesis US RELEASE ONLY
    Ranger-X (I only really need a manual to complete my game)

    Sega CD
    Microcosm US RELEASE ONLY [i]I actually only need the disc - I have a complete copy but my disc is FVCKING UGLY, so I need a new disc. I don't trust resurfacing machines as I know this removes/alters the protective lacquer on the disc. The disc must be mint!

    Sega Saturn (US RELEASE)

    Sega Saturn (all Japanese imports)
    Thunder Force V I actually only need the disc - I have a complete copy but my disc is defective, so I need a new disc. I don't think its appropriate to offer for trade a defective disc, so its only for trade if you have special interest in the defective disc only. The disc I want must be mint!
    X-Multiply / Image Fight
    Layer Section 1 & 2
    Hyper Duel

    Steeldom (I only need a mint disc, do not need the case/manual)
    Gebockers (I only need a mint disc, do not need the case/manual)

    Dreamcast (All Japanese imports only!)
    Aero Dancing I (I only need a mint disc, do not need the case/manual)
    Aero Dancing F (I only need a mint disc, do not need the case/manual)
    Sega Tetris (This is often confusing, as there are 3 tetris games on the dreamcast. I need this one only!)

    Dreamcast Karaoke unit (I only really need the unit, none of the other parts/box/microphone).

    Dreamcast (Pal region only!)
    Evil Twin
    2x mint condition Pal region dreamcast replacement case.

    Playstation 2 (Japanese imports only!)
    Psyvariar - Complete Edition (red cover artwork, not the green one)
    Chaosfield - New Order
    DoDonPach​i Daioujou
    Thunderforce 6

    Playstation 3 (US release only!)
    Dead Space 1 & 2 (non red-case, original & complete/mint/NO STICKERS).

    Original XBOX classic
    BloodRayne 1 (US RELEASE ONLY)

    I want a Sega Saturn Twin Stick controller in mint condition! I do not need the box or anything, but the controller needs to be packed well for shipping, and function 100%. I do not have much $, so my standing offer for this is the above pictured Dreamcast Twinstick.

    I want the official new unopened Duke Nukem promo Steroids...UNOPENED. I do not know what to offer for this. I do have an extra pack of official Duke Nukem "All Out Of Gum?" I can offer?

    I want THIS Epic Mickey ballpoint ink pen (not the pin!). That ballpoint pen is the only official Epic Mickey merchandise I have not found for my collection! I'd pay up to $40, but I'd prefer to trade games for it as I'm very tight on money.

    I want a Panther XL Flight stick. There are 3 versions of this out, and the original revision is nearing 15 years old. Please describe yours to the best that you can. The one I need does not need to function 100%, but nearly so (I'm using it for parts to rebuild my dreamcast flight stick), some things like the cable are OK to be in damage condition.

    I want the Arcadia (japanese) game magazine issue #22 complete, or just the damn poster from the magazine. I've been after this for a while, and I know what the legit poster looks like - no scans or reproductions please.

    Also, an unusual thing I'm looking for.. I recently lost my brother. In a nutshell I kept some of his Magic the Gathering cards, and am trying to complete a Foil Sliver collection that he started. I'm still trying to figure out price on these things, but I did make a Magic trade list here. Again this is only for legit Foil Sliver cards in near-mint condition.

    I will add the magic card trade list here as a spoiler;
    2x Foil Islands
    8x Foil Forest
    4x Basic Swamps
    4x Terramorphic Expanse

    4x Heartstones

    3x Foil Sliversmiths
    4x Sliversmiths

    4x Vampiric Slivers
    4x Basal Slivers
    4x Spitting Slivers
    3x Mindlash Slivers
    2x Spectral Slivers
    4x Metalic Slivers
    2x Psionic Slivers
    1x Foil Muscle Sliver
    1x Foil Virulent Sliver
    6x Foil Mistform Sliver
    2x Foil Amoeboid Changeling

    Looking for FOIL versions of these cards;

    4x Foil Mindwhip Sliver
    2x Foil Toxin Sliver
    2x Foil Plaque Sliver
    1x Foil Plated Sliver
    1x Foil Sidewinder Sliver
    2x Foil Talon Sliver
    2x Foil Ward Sliver
    3x Foil Magma Sliver
    2x Foil Sliver Queen
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    Pm'd you about EGG.
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    PM sent.

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    Sorry for your loss bro!

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