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Thread: Your Favorite Shmups...Period!

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    Here's a preliminary list from a very green shmupper. Pell mell.

    Sol Deace. Best Genesis shooter.

    Recca Summer Carnival `92. Part Galaga, part bullet hell. The RSG of the NES--except fast and fun.

    Layer Section aka Galactic Attack/Rayforce/&c. Bitch goddess of shmups: a total tease in difficulty, and perhaps the best presented shmup ever due to the ability to remove the overlay (something Battle Garegga and especially Donpachi could've used).

    Zero Wing. Best MD shooter. Looks great, sounds superb, plays perfectly, and is a breeze the first lap.

    Battle Garegga. Best WW style game, with a perfect weapon system and visibility that would've been if minus the overlays. The Shippu Mahou characters rather skew it though, and of them lacking Nirvana's disappointing. The cheap boss notwithstanding, may be a bit too easy both in general and for scoring.

    Giga Wing 2. Best shmup music ever, decent graphics, and a good scoring system make me return to it despite the worst slowdown I've seen in a shmup (worse than Grindstormer and Lightening Force).

    Mars Matrix. A game that exudes evil in the coolest fashion. Perfect scoring system, nevermind the bloated numbers. Fast and brutal.

    Panzer Dragoon. Majestic game. Play it on Hard w/o the lift gun.

    Gekirindan. Solid game with excellent theme and variations soundtrack.

    Gun (&) Frontier. The demonic edition of the Shark games. Superb music, above average style, and crushing difficulty.

    Xexyz (alternating levels). Best visual style in a hori, particularly those stages inside the fortresses. Those in space have wonderful bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obviously View Post
    I agree Darius is a REALLY wicked cool arcade cabinet, it's probably why I find the home versions so disappointing even though they're not that bad.
    I have heard of a guy who somehow configured his PC to output three video signals and plays the MAME version of Darius on three flat panel monitors side by side. That is as close to the perfect shmup experience you will ever get at home.
    It is finished!

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