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Thread: More Alternate Reality Stuff or Did the 32x Make Sense?

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    They could've just had the Genesis 2 come with an additional expansion slot, for more CRAM (128 colour mode), more VRAM (128k mode), and possibly a handful of other tweaks that could make future expansions simpler.

    Extra CRAM would've reduced the advantage the SNES had, and the 128k VRAM mode would double the bandwidth of the VDP allowing for twice the tiles to be uploaded during vblank. This latter alone could've doubled the framerate of any game that does software graphics, since uploading the generated tiles to the VDP is now far less of a bottleneck. It means that Virtua Racing and the Sega CD scaler games could jump from 10-15fps to 20-30fps, which while not stellar, it would make them far smoother. Since you have twice the colours, the 32x is unneeded too (the principle idea behind that was adding more colours), you only need an SVP lock-on or something similar to generate graphics in software.

    Genesis now has a far more graceful end of life, Sega CD games could end up having far more impressive scaling and even improved FMV, SNES is less of a threat hardware wise, 32x is unneeded.

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    It was just a different time imo. Now people have become accustomed to yearly upgrades or expansions (PS4 PRO/XBOX X/even the PS VR headset) and no one complains like back then. Especially at the price range the 32X was released at. Many Collector's Editions now cost way more than actual hardware.

    Sega were always ahead of the game really, Sega Channel, Activator motion sensor for the Genesis, online gaming/Broadband adapter/Mic-based gameplay for the Dreamcast. They took chances others were hesitant to do. The 32X was an interesting experiment between the Saturn and Genesis/Sega CD. There was a lot of hype for it at the time of its release.

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