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Thread: RDF: Global Conflict

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    Sega CD RDF: Global Conflict

    Just because the Cold War has ended doesn’t mean we still can’t defend U.S. interests through the barrel of a gun! Well, we can in spirit, anyway. Absolute Entertainment’s first-person action title for the Sega CD tires to continue the fight with some mission-based combat, but it falls short in some key areas. Still, it might be worth checking out for those looking for a new disc to spin in their machines. Read the full review, and then lock and load!

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    Great review. The opening paragraph is right up my alley -- games that “fall through the cracks”, and haven't received much (if any) prior review coverage, always pique my curiosity.

    I always appreciate the systematic, feature-by-feature approach (all the more so with an obscure title), since it gives me a much clearer picture of what playing the game is like -- and though I haven't played RDF very much, the overall assessment of the game matches my impressions.

    One small typo worth fixing:

    "the enemy vehicles and structures are drawn from quite a few angels"

    Unless, of course, the game's art design team looked like this. (Which is entirely possible.)
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