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Thread: My 10th grade English story

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    Default My 10th grade English story

    I wrote this story for a 10th Grade English class. That was in 1993, I think I would've gotten kicked out of school in today's world:

    Today was an ordinary morning of school for Jeff. He woke up late,
    and took his shower, and got on his bus to go to school. Jeff was always
    a strange boy, sort of a misfit, and he stuck with himself, and didn't
    socialize with the other students. Jeff was an outcast of society in his
    school, with no friends to talk to, and the only thing the people had to
    say was critisizim, and pain. They never had anything good to say about
    him. He was your average student, did fairly well in all his classes,
    but was very creative, and loved to create motorized machines, using
    gas engines. He had the coolest lawn mower on the block. All of the
    neighbors had thought it was weird and lazy to design and build a
    radio-controlled lawn mower, but Jeff was good at what he did. He didn't
    care too much about what people thought of him, and didn't listen to any of
    them. His childhood, however, was not good. His father had died in a
    tractor-trailor accident. The truck flipped over a bridge, and he died on
    impact, due to a mechanical brake failure. His mother wasn't exactly
    stable after the accident, she had many mental breakdowns, and was unfit to
    work. They lived poorly, and didn't have much of anything. She never gave
    Jeff the time of day, and ignored him. Jeff was an outcast of society, and
    for what reason, he never knew. On the way to school, he always just
    sat there on the bus, and looked out the window, never saying anything. He
    just mindlessly scanned the landscape that sped by. Once they got to school,
    the first thing that always happened, he was greeted by the same twelve
    kids every day. They shoved him into the walls, and beat on him, making him
    feel even worse. But he was used to it by now, and had put it in his daily
    schedule. The worst of is when school lets out. He had always had to make
    a run for the bus before the other kids found him. They would grab ahold
    of him, and drag him out into the parking lot, and beat the living hell out
    of him. The problem with it, was the parking lot isn't on school grounds,
    and as long as they were under 18, and Jeff didn't say anything, they always
    got away with it, and the school couldn't do anything about it. On the
    good sides of school, however, was fifth period, Shop class. The teacher
    of the class was the only person Jeff knew that actually liked him, and
    helped him out. Mr. Johnson was his name, and this was Jeff's new father so
    he said. Mr. Johnson gave him the freedom to build whatever he wanted,
    he was the only kid in the class who did any of the work. So then Mr. Johnson
    decided to give the students a choice, either do worksheets on the topics,
    or build machinery. Jeff, of course, always choice to build, and build
    he did. He built everything from lawn mowers, to hydraulic lifts, however,
    the lifts were made from wood. Even though Jeff was a talented student,
    no one liked him, and he swore he was cursed by god. For someone to live
    the life he had, with having no friends, a torn family, and a crushed soul.
    Jeff was reaching a limit, a limit no sixteen year old kid has ever
    experienced, but was not sure what it was, but knew it would become clear
    to him. He always had the same dream, he had always dreamed of being in a
    cage, and people standing in front of it laughing at him, and in the middle
    of it all, a soft voice comes from behind him, and tells him not to turn
    around, but just to listen carefully. The voice always tells him to build
    a weapon, build a weapon that will change the faces of all the people, from
    evil laughter, to horrified screaming terror. He never really understood
    why he had this dream, or what it was trying to tell him. He has this
    dream for the past two years, and as every day went by, he felt a strange
    sense of evil growing and growing inside him. He has been suppressed for
    so long, maybe he'd crack, but even to him, the feeling was unknown.
    Finally one day, he understood what it all meant. That day, a day that
    marked the end of Jeff's sanity. On his way out to the bus, the twelve kids
    jumped him, and knocked him out. They dragged him across the street, and
    started to beat the hell out of him until he was totally unconscious. The
    only thing he remembered was the words, "We're gonna beat the hell out of
    you, you're a freak, and you won't have to worry about living anymore."
    Just as this was said, they threw him into the pavement, picked him up,
    and threw him in the trunk of a car. The unknown abusers drove as fast as they
    could down a dirt road deep into the woods opened up the trunk, and let him
    out, only to beat him more and more, until they finally left him for
    dead. Three days later, he finally had the strength to get back up and
    staggered back home. Once he got home, beaten and tired, he went to
    bed. That night, it all came clear to him. In his dream, he saw it,
    he saw what it was that would change people's faces forever. When he
    woke up, angry and feeling superior, he jumped out of bed, late for
    school, but that was the least of his problems. He insanely ran into his
    garage and started to build, and what was finished represented one thing,
    total anarchy, death, and every human emotion ever known. Hatred, sadness &
    creativity all came together, to give the "sane" people a glimpse into the
    eyes of a madman. What lied on the table, was a shiny red chainsaw,
    polished to perfection. This was no ordinary chainsaw. He bored out the
    existing engine, and added two circular saw blades in addition to the standard
    chain blade. With one hundred and twenty percent increase in power, the
    chainsaw could tear apart a human being in under five seconds. He had no one
    to test it out on. He looked through the windows of the garage, and saw his
    house, and sitting at the kitchen table was his mother. Grinning, and
    laughing, he says, "Mommy dearest, how beautiful you'd look in RED!" He
    grabbed the chainsaw, and pulled the starter cord. The engine roared to
    life, smelling highly of two-stroke gasoline, chain grease, and raw power.
    The chainsaw vibrated and shook in his hands, and knowing the raw cutting
    power it had, he opened the throttle all the way, with the engine screaming
    giving all it had. He slammed the blades into the front door,
    and chopped it away in seconds. He kicked the rest out, jumped in the
    house and looked at his mother and said, "Time to get a little iron in
    your diet!" He opened the throttle wide open, and runs as fast as he can
    towards the kitchen. His mother screamed in fear, and knowing death is
    running for her. She screamed and put her arms out as if they'd protect her.
    As soon as the lightning fast spinning blades connected with her arms, they
    were severed instantly, throwing one to the right and one to the left. He let the
    blades rip through her face and chest, spurting blood in every direction.
    As the chainsaw pulls more and more flesh apart, cutting through bone and
    body, throwing blood in every direction, her body squirms and archs in sheer
    terrorizing pain and torture. Finally, after thirty seconds of
    the chainsaw screaming and cutting, he powers it down to an idle. Covered
    in blood, and the walls around him painted in red, he sat down
    in the mess, and starts to laugh hysterically. He knows the kids in school
    are going to get theirs, for the chainsaw works, and hell has come to earth.
    The night came and went, and Jeff continued to sit there in the
    carnage, awaiting for the bus to come and pick him up. Finally, he gets up,
    and must wash himself off. There is no way the bus will pick him up looking
    the way he does. So he hops in the shower, and washes himself off, and then
    cleans up his chainsaw. The only thing now that he cares about is the
    chainsaw, nothing else. It can save him from the hell, the hell of being
    picked on, and knowing if someone dosen't like him, he can take them out of
    the world, forever. After himself and the chainsaw is sparkling, he
    grabs a garbage bag, and puts the chainsaw inside it. There is no way he
    is going to let people see it until he gets to school. After getting all
    that done, the bus comes, and he gets on. The entire way there, he continues
    to look out the window, but only this time, he is smiling. This is the first
    day in Jeff's history that he cannot wait until he gets to school. Finally,
    the bus arrives, and Jeff and his garbage bag get off. Just as he enters the
    building, the tweleve kids are standing there. One of them corners him,
    and says, "Not had enough huh?" Jeff, emotionless, looks at him and smiles,
    laughing hysterically. The kid backs off, and the other eleven's faces
    started to change, from humor to a concerned fear. They know somthing
    is going to happen. Suddenly, he tears the bag apart, revealing his big
    red baby polished to perfection. His mechanical beauty was right in his
    hands. He grabs the big rubber pull cord, and starts the motor on the
    first stroke. The engine screams to life, and without delaying a second,
    he releases the clutch, pulls the throttle wide open, and the blades
    spin so fast there is a steady breeze. As all three blades rotate faster
    than the human eye can see, the terror on the kid's faces become priceless.
    They are all frozen in fear. He pulls the chainsaw back, and swings
    it around in a circular motion, slowly slicing each kid the entire way across
    their stomachs, causing all their intestines to spill out onto the floor.
    Blood beings to spray the ground with blood flowing in all directions. As the blades
    kick up and spray blood twenty-five feet away the cheerleader clique becomes covered
    in carnage. All twelve fall at his feet, in agony, all still
    alive, with their innards slopped up on the floor. After creating his
    beatiful red mess on the shiny tile floor, he shoves the chainsaw's
    blades into one of the kid's back, spraying blood in even more directions.
    Jeff powered down the chainsaw, and watched the stunned looks of all the
    blood covered people watching in disbelief in what they just saw. He sits
    down on the floor and sees them all scatter. Covered in carnage, and
    knee deep in dead, he put his head in the air, laughing hysterically.
    What he has just done, will be the blood masacre of all time.

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    When I was in second grade, the whole class was required to write some story about some witch or something. I misunderstood and wrote some simple story about a killer and some dude after the killer, I think in a movie theater. If anything I think I have have it around... if I can find it, I'll type it out.

    I think it was called the "The Killings" or something, I dunno, I was only seven or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash
    He had the coolest lawn mower on the block
    The lucky bastard!!

    I like this story, your typical bullied nerd become a psycho plot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kamahl
    You my lord, are a poet and a scholar. Of death.

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