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Thread: Regarding Attachments.

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    Default Regarding Attachments.

    A user brought this suggestion up, so I figured I'd sticky it for future poster's well-being.

    The attachment feature to posts on the forum in vBulletin is crappy, to say the least, and for the most part doesn't really work. If you want to attach a picture or a file, you are better of linking it from something like Imgur, Photobucket, and similar sites.
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    That's bad advice for a forum admin.
    Why not give instructions on how to link and post images instead? It isn't difficult, just unintuitive.

    Remote linking is problematic because when the original host removes the image or changes the link, then the thread here at Sega-16 is void of the relevant images.

    here you go:
    1. Click the "insert image" icon among the message window tools.
    2. Select file(s) from your computer
    3. Click upload
    4. Preview post
    5. Right click on image thumbnail, open in new window/tab
    6. Copy URL from new tab
    7. back in the message composition window, use [img] tags, and paste copied URL in between tags
    8. preview post again to be sure it was done correctly.
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