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Thread: Sega-16's Official Policy on Screen Shots

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    Sega-16's Official Policy on Screen Shots

    We try to use as many original screen shots as possible and credit those places from where we are premitted to borrow them. It is unprofessional and unethical to steal screen shots, and we would greatly appreciate it if contributors and staff would include their own original shots when possible. This not only helps avoid accusations from other sites, but it also allows us to build an original database; however, we cannot track or corroborate the true origins of every single screen shot submitted to us, and like many other community sites, we rely on the honor system to determine if the shots are indeed original and not stolen.

    Unlike many other sites, Sega-16 holds no claim to the original screen shots taken for our reviews, as it is questionable to claim ownership of something which was taken under unclear legal circumstances (in the case of an emulator and ROM). We encourage our contributors and staff to take shots of their games using the actual game they own, but many do not have the means to connect their Genesis/Sega CD/32X to a capture card to take them. Moreover, there are also those cases where an emulator must be used (rare Japanese/Chinese games, unreleased games, etc.). Sega-16's official stance on emulation is that is vital to the documentation and archiving of Genesis/Sega CD/32X games, and that it should only be used in that respect.

    Therefore, any original screen shots you can take of the games you own would be greatly appreciated. Genesis and 32X screen shots should be taken using a capture card or emulator (Gens or Kega Fusion). For Sega CD games, you can load up your disc in either Gens or Kega Fusion and take some gameplay shots (usually around 10, including the start screen). We can use shots for any game not already reviewed. This includes the 32X/CD games.

    To contribute, just submit an email telling us what game's screen shots you're contributing, and attach the shots individually (please don't zip them). We will always credit anyone by name who submits, so please help us out!
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