Im open to trade or sell.
Im interested in Genesis Game Cases
Make an offer.
Id have to add in shipping to cover it.
i do use paypal.
I know im a new user, but id be happy to send a picture with a personal message to verify i own the games i claim.

I have

Sega Genesis
No case or booklet

Batman and Robin
Shaq fu
Jurassic park (top of sticker has a tear)
Alien 3
captain america and the avengers (sticker shows its age)
Justice league task force
Spiderman and the Xmen
PGA Tour Golf 2
Veiwpoint (near perfect condition)
Clayfighter (sticker is worn)
Comix Zone
Awesome Possum
Incredible hulk
King of the monsters 2
Alex kid in the enchanted castle
Batman vs the Joker

With case
no booklet
Dinosaurs for Hire

With case
Great condition
Spiderman Maximum Carnage

Eternal Champions Poster

Looking for
superhero themed game gear games
Crazy Taxi for game cube
earthworm jim cases
Ecco the dolphin cases
earthworm jim sega cd
Ecco the dolphin 1 & 2 sega sc

Make an offer if your interested.
Pm for email to see pics