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Thread: are these the top 20 Sonic hacks?

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    Sonic are these the top 20 Sonic hacks?

    I think the Sonic hacking scene needs a bit of an update in these forums in terms of gathering some of the best hacks out there.

    My top 20 Sonic hacks are as of 2014:

    SONIC 1 HACKS (somewhat ordered from best to just good):

    Sonic Megamix v3.0 (last cartridge version: v4 is for Mega-CD)
    Pana Der Hejhog
    Sonic Classic Heroes (32 MEGA POWER)
    The S Factor, Sonia and Silver (32 MEGA POWER)
    Sonic Pixel Perfect
    Sonic at SAGE 2010
    Sonic Erazor
    The One Ring
    Metal Sonic Hyperdrive
    Sonic 1 Supersonic
    Sonic 1 & Knuckles
    Sonic 1 Tails

    SONIC 2 HACKS (ordered):

    Sonic 2 Delta V0.23 (prototype's animation) + V0.24
    Sonic Tribute (2012)
    Sonic The Lost Worlds
    Sonic 2 Retro Remix SAGE 2011
    Sonic Boom
    Robotnik's Revenge
    Sonic 2 (Sonic 3 edition) incomplete

    and obviously Sonic 3 Complete which is the only Sonic 3 or S&K hack that matters IMHO.

    That's it. I'm not sure the others are worth a try (maybe XL for the -limited- fun, or Code Gray which is kind of meh).

    Any input on those or others is very welcome. I'm probably not aware of some of the most recent, etc.

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    I'm not into hacks these days, but from what I can remember:

    The other character X in Sonic 1 hacks seemed better to me, because there wasn't already Genesis code(OK, some were 32X, but still) to port in, and they bring new skills to the table.

    Doctor Robotnik's Creature Capture was an amazing Sonic 1 hack that turned it into a whole new kind of game.

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles: The Challenges turns the game into a series of challenges, which can save your progress, if memory serves.

    Also, pretty sure Sonic Heroes Classic is a Sonic 2 hack.

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    Sonic 2 XL is one of the funniest hacks ever, the one in which Sonic eats onion rings and gets chubby and slow:

    Sonic 2 - The Hybridization Project is a mockup of some SMS Sonic 2 levels, very good IMO.

    Also check out this Sonic 1 Megahack... stupid at first, mindblowing after some playing...

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    Just updating this thread from five years ago with an expanded list of what I consider the 50+ best hacks out there, some are really great and almost new games on their own:

    Sonic 1 16 day challenge
    Sonic 1 Amy Rose
    Sonic 1 An ordinary rom hack
    Sonic 1 at SAGE 2010
    Sonic 1 Bouncy Edition (Within a Deep Forest)
    Sonic 1 Brother Trouble
    Sonic 1 Code Gray
    Sonic 1 Color Contrast
    Sonic 1 CrazyBus (CrazySonic)
    Sonic 1 Dr Robotniks Creature Capture
    Sonic 1 Dragon edition
    Sonic 1 Erazor
    Sonic 1 Giant
    Sonic 1 Gotta go fast
    Sonic 1 Knuckles
    Sonic 1 Limbo
    Sonic 1 Megahack ultra
    Sonic 1 Megamix v3
    Sonic 1 Metal Sonic Hyperdrive
    Sonic 1 Next Level
    Sonic 1 Painto edition 2
    Sonic 1 Pana Der Hejhog
    Sonic 1 Pixel Perfect
    Sonic 1 S Factor, Sonia and Silver
    Sonic 1 Scorched Quest
    Sonic 1 Somari the Adventurer
    Sonic 1 South Island Warped demo
    Sonic 1 Supersonic
    Sonic 1 Tails Double Trouble
    Sonic 1 The One Ring
    Sonic 1 Untitled (SHC2016)
    Sonic 1 Virtual Adventure
    Sonic 1 Winter Adventures

    Sonic 2 Big's Fishing Derby
    Sonic 2 Boom
    Sonic 2 Classic Heroes
    Sonic 2 Delta
    Sonic 2 Hybridization Project
    Sonic 2 Kirby
    Sonic 2 Metal Sonic Rebooted
    Sonic 2 Portal
    Sonic 2 Recreation
    Sonic 2 Retro Remix
    Sonic 2 Robotnik's Revenge
    Sonic 2 S3 edition
    Sonic 2 The Lost Worlds
    Sonic 2 Tribute
    Sonic 2 VR (48 MEGA POWER!)
    Sonic 2 XL

    Sonic 3 D.A. Garden
    Sonic 3 Resort Island Demo
    Sonic 3&K Battle Race (2p)
    Sonic 3&K The Challenges

    SONIC 3D BLAST Director's Cut
    Sonic 3D No Flickies & Super Sonic
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    I really loved Sonic 1 Next Level, other "hacks" on the quality that offer brand new stages, graphics and music?

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