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Thread: Retrogaming public auction and TV documentary

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    Default Retrogaming public auction and TV documentary

    Hi all !
    Long time didn't post around, was quiet busy with my retrogaming project.
    We are organising a public auction of retrogaming in our city of Lyon (France) on the 28th of november which will be part of a TV documentary about retrogaming on all its aspects.
    The documentary will be produced via Kickstarter, we are expecting to launch the crowdfunding campaign by the end of January.
    I have a list of videogame collectors we will contact for the documentary but if you are interested to be in the Kickstarter trailer (for which we try to focus on french collector, which should cost us less money ), do not hesitate to send me a pm.

    As you know, every once a story about video gaming goods selling for high prices ends up in the traditionnal medias pops up... a bunch of ultra rare stuff ends on ebay within the week.
    This happened with the sealed copy of stadium events. This happened with the CIB copy of Air Raid. The sega Pluto and so on.

    We are hoping to see a theater release for our documentary, just imagine how many protos and über rare stuff will appear from nowhere if that happened !

    As for the public auction, here is the press release.
    As you can see in the catalog, there's a good chunk of interesting stuff for sega 8 bits and 16 bits collectors.

    "First collector’s edition video games auction in LYON, France

    Good news everyone!

    More than 320 lots of retro, collector or limited edition video games will be up for auction on 28th November 2014 at 2pm.
    However, collectors of other brands won’t be forgotten as awesome Nintendo, SNK or Hudson Soft products will also be up for sale.
    Lots come from private collections; they date back from 1983 on. Games are in mint condition and sealed, or complete in their original box.
    A collection of more than 250 magazines and books on video games dating back from 1988 on will also be up for auction.
    Prices will range from 10€ to 2300€ for games, and from 30€ to 4000€ for consoles and accessories. All fans can enter this first edition auction located, of course, in LYON the French gaming capital.
    The most seasoned collectors will try to get the exceptional HITACHI NAVI Saturn complete console from 1995, worth 4000€, or the Japanese MEGA-CD full set including 114 games, 45 of which are sealed games dating from 1991 to 1995, expected price at 4000€.
    The auction will take place here: Ludopole de LYON CONFLUENCE, 112 cours Charlemagne – 69002 LYON France
    Mr and Mrs Gérald RICHARD and Emmanuelle VOTAT are to conduct the auction with the expertise of GAMESPIRIT.
    Catalogues are available at: INTERENCHERES.COM and AUCTION.FR
    Information and purchase orders: +33 4 78 95 41 73 / +33 4 74 00 72 40. Live sales at

    Pictures of each lot here:
    Interactive pdf catalogue here:
    Videos of each lot will also be available on our youtube channel at the end of the week. Feel free to subscribe ! A few videos are already online:

    For more information contact us here: contact@retroction.fr

    The location is easily accessible by public transit:
    From Perrache SNCF railway station, take the tramway T1 to Debourg and stop at the ‘Montrochet’ station.
    The Ludopole is on the last floor of the Confluence shopping mall.
    From Part-Dieu SNCF railway station, take the tramway T1 to Debourg and stop at the ‘Montrochet’ station.
    From Saint-Exupery airport, take the Rhônexpress Express Tram (http://www.rhonexpress.fr/ - available in English) to the Part-Dieu railway station.

    For those who wish to come by car, here is the access map and the GPS location - listed under Coordonnées GPS - (car parks available):

    Contrary to normal customs, experts will not be paid for this first auction, which is for us an ambitious project on retrogaming. Those who will attend the auction will learn more on the day of the event. We are great video games enthusiasts before being collectors and we wanted to turn this auction intro an exceptional event.
    This why all lots will be available for viewing 15 days before the event to remove all ambiguity regarding the state of each game, which , to our knowledge, has never been done before for such a major auction.

    In the meantime, video arcade machines, TVs and consoles will be available on the day of the auction. The Ludopole team will introduce you to video game-based board games. Other animations are also in preparation…but it will be a surprise.

    Another significant point, a snack bar will be open 10 meters away from the auction house. If despite all that you are still bored…the shopping mall is just a few steps away for you to enjoy.

    On a final note, at the request of one of our main sellers, part of the income from the sales will be donated to Heart of Notre-Dame des sans-abris, a Lyonnais association offering emergency shelter for every people in need.

    Feel free to follow us on:
    -twitter: https://twitter.com/Retroction
    -facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Retro...362430?fref=ts
    -wordpress: http://retroction.wordpress.com/

    PS: Lot 318 may differ from photograph, the showcase not being available at the moment.
    Picture and video will be available on the last week before the auction when the showcase is displayed at the Ludopole."

    Thanks for reading and do not hesitate to contact me for further informations.

    Best Regards
    Guardiana, the Megadrive Musem.
    Come and join us at http://www.guardiana.net !

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    Hi to all !
    One week from the auction.

    Made a video catalog (with almost every single item for sale filmed) that you can download here (pdf format containing youtube links):


    All informations you need to know about bidding is available from our public auctionners (emails in the pdf).

    For rare video game collectors, here's a bunch of stuff you will find here:
    More than 250 factory sealed games
    Hitachi navi saturn
    Smurfs travel the world master system
    New-zealand sc-3000 tapes
    Great ice hockey mark 3
    Korean bulk lot with 53 games
    Mega-cd japanese full set
    Euro version of mega-cd samurai showdown
    Darius alpha pc engine
    Maximum carnage, virtual bart, san san, judge dredd, justice league for the japanese megadrive and so on
    Guardiana, the Megadrive Musem.
    Come and join us at http://www.guardiana.net !

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