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Thread: Nice little 14" RGB Monitor

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    Default Nice little 14" RGB Monitor

    I have a little 14" Amiga monitor that I don't need (I have 10 CRTs in this apartment...). I made a little cable to take RGBS through a 15-pin VGA connector, and it looks phenomenal with an MD. Would be a great small personal monitor or for use on a bench. It's in Rochester, NY. Probably it can be shipped for not too much since it's not huge. It also takes S-video and Composite (I made a Y/C to S-video plug adapter I can give you too). Focus and convergence are great on it.

    Here's an old image I took of it with Sonic 1:

    Make me an offer, I don't know what these go for.

    EDIT: The model is an Amiga 1080 monitor.
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