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This seems to be, among the few more sober shmups on Genesis, the best one graphics-wise. The other war-like, "grounded" shmups like Raiden Trad, Mega Swiv, don't look so good. Am I right? I'd say that's something special about it. And it's multiplayer, which is rare in the genre.
I would have to disagree there. The Toaplan games Fire Shark and Twin Hawk both have more professional sprite-work and background art, and despite some drab colour use I think Raiden Trad looks better too. Perhaps the only contemporary war-themed vertical shooter it looks as good as is Twin Cobra (which is even running in low-res IIRC), and even then I'd hesitate. Dunno about Mega Swiv so can't comment there. I don't think many will argue VT looks better than Task Force Harrier EX though, but that game practically runs in greyscale for half it's run time

Now, the soundtrack on the other hand...

Defo a solid shooter all round though.