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Thread: Teasers: Antarex

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    I think that the best way to deal with this is for the homebrew scene to move to the digital release as the main distribution option. It seems like things get caught up in production a lot, when ultimately, a method for just getting the files onto a flashcart and into a console are most likely easiest method. If flashcarts were less expensive and easily found, I imagine this would be a more viable option. I play my games very regularly, and have quite a few titles, and STILL don't own a flashcart, despite how much I know it would simplify my life.

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    Yeah but no people want individual carts with their boxart etc. Also if that were the case, the prices for official multigames cart would rocket and I got the most interesting ones (particularly Mega Games 10 in 1) for less than some of the games they include alone.
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