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Thread: F/S: Modded Systems - Sega Genesis, Sega Nomad, TurboExpress

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    Default F/S: Modded Systems - Sega Genesis, Sega Nomad, TurboExpress

    EDIT: I know the pic is blurry, I will update tonight with a better one.

    Hey all, I have the following systems for sale:

    (3) Sega Genesis model 1 systems with the following mods:
    -Component video mod
    -S-video mod
    -Rear stereo out mod
    -JP/US region mod*
    -Overclock mod (10 MHz)
    -Halt switch
    -Full electrolytic capacitor recap.
    Every system comes with a pair of component and stereo audio cables, along with a power supply and controller (2 of the systems have 3rd party supplies, but they have been checked and work fine).

    *I have not widened the cart slot for Japanese carts, but I can upon request.

    Looking for $110.00 shipped for each of these.


    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

    (1) Sega Nomad. The system has been recapped and had the LCD replaced with a modern LCD screen. Comes with battery pack, official Nomad AC adapter and a Sega Everdrive. AC adapter jack has also been resoldered as the joints were cracked when I bought the system. Works like champ now.

    Looking for $200.00 shipped for this as a lot.

    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

    (1) TurboExpress. System has been recapped to restore audio functionality (and 90% of the caps were leaking). Comes with 3rd party AC adapter.

    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

    Here is a picture of the units, and I can provide more pics upon request. Additionally, I will test each system as it is sold and upload a video of the system in action to my Youtube channel before I ship. I'm open to offers, but please, no trades - my list of wants is very small and esoteric at this point. Thanks for looking!

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