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    I was surprised about the Sonic 1 got not only a CD port. In fact, I found actually two:

    From HCKTROX


    From Bobesh8

    I have some issues but only on real hardware (with fusion always works)

    - Using standard Bobesh8 ISO works with no issues with music.

    But when I want to do a custom track on Bobesh8 (using music from this link posted on youtube:biosonic417) the music not always start. Main title for example stay silent. Then after a while (maybe some minutes) the music might start... or not. BUT if I reset the megadrive, then when loading cd press A to show the cd-player then play a track, then run the game, the music works. No idea why.

    - HCKTROX, seems not to work on my real hardware. Megacd reboots after screen credit (the homebrew done). A pity, because on this port its possible to edit the source code and make the bonus levels with smooth animation, but that seems to work only on emulators, on real hardware, after license screen, it hungs if I made the change (works fine on emulator)

    So guys... is there any "final" compilation for Sonic 1 for Sega CD? I love to have some remixes music, and some bonus like able to play bonus levels with smooth animation, maybe spin dash, etc... I wasted lots of CD's trying to work... no luck yet

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    Uh, kinda late I know, but...
    - I released v1, which was fine
    - I released v2, left it for many months like that, believing it was fine, but wasn't.
    - I released v2a, which fixed the fatal flaw.

    Most likely you got v2
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