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Thread: Changing game country on non region locked out games

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    Default Changing game country on non region locked out games

    Currently setting up my RetroArch setup on my Raspberry Pi 2, not real hardware here. I have a few games I know that work fine on REAL hardware at 60Hz with no region lockout but is there a way to change the region from Europe to USA for the following games so I don't have to keep changing the region when I want to emulate them?

    Here's the games:
    Snake Rattle and Roll - seems to run better at 60hz
    Cannon Fodder - runs good too

    Thanks for any assistance!
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    I do not understand the problem. In the emulator is there not just a simple menu item that you can press to change if you want to emulate a 50Hz system can you not just set the region to Europe? I can guarantee you that this is easier to do than dissembling the game to make it run better at a different refresh rate. I though some emulators can detect what region to use by analyzing the cartridge header. See https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Genesi...ing#ROM_header.

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